Thursday, February 14, 2013

Low Volume Love

So...I've jumped on the "low volume bandwagon".  I have always enjoyed these types of prints combined, but didn't realize it had a name until recently.  I've joined another Flickr swap called Sew Sew Modern.  I spent a couple of days considering what I wanted to showcase in the mosaic for this swap that represented "me".  I think this mosaic speaks it loud and clear!

1. Thrifty Cherry Christmas Hexie Pillows, 2. January bee blocks for Lucy., 3. [workinprogress], 4. Wasp Bag, 5. Pillow Talk Swap 8, 6. DSC08031, 7. Duffel Bag, 8. Modern she Made Swap received, 9. go anywhere bag., 10. Mariner's compass Pillow, 11. + & x blocks, 12. Nikki Tote Bag - Pattern available, 13. Journal, 14. Butterfly Spools Pillow Cover, 15. Untitled, 16. The Hood Tree Skirt Front

Til' Tomorrow!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Flickr and Swapping

Hello World!  This is officially my first post and yet I don't have any followers, I want to share my love for Flickr and swapping on Flickr.  I have met some wonderful people and participated in some amazing swaps. The swaps I'm signed up for at the moment are: 
1. Modernista Homemade - We are swapping one large and one small item for the living room.

1. PTS9 Sent, 2. Granny square mini from last year finally done! Quilted it, Made it a pillow and washed it to make it fit the pillow form I had. I love it! About 19" finished and washed., 3. Pillow pair, 4. do.Good, 5. It's ready! What one will the postman deliver?, 6. Modern She Made, 7. Pillow Talk 9, 8. Pillow Received, 9. finished pillow pts9, 10. PTS round 9, 11. AMH feather bee blocks for January, 12. ~ underwaterworld ~, 13. crowns, 14. PTS 5 received, 15. Pillow top done! I kept quilting minimal, and it is going to have orange binding for a bit of pop., 16. seeking shelter, 17. Completed Pillow, 18. Swap Goodness, 19. What do you think?, 20. On a Whim quilt

2. Pretty Little Pouch Swap - Round 6 - We make a pouch for our partner according to what their mosaic has inspired to create.

3. Modern Scrappy Bits Swap - This swap centers around sending scraps to our partner.  The scraps are enclosed in a handmade pouch, needle book, or table basket.

4. Text Me ( Text FQ Swap) - The participants mail in however many text print fq's they want and receive different back in return from other participants.  This swap will do amazing things to my low volume print stash!

5. Tumbler Party too - This is the second round of the swap.  Each participant sends in 16 fat quarters, the swap mama cuts them into tumbler shapes, and then returns an large number of tumblers to the participants.  I can't wait to see the selection of tumblers I receive back.  The colors are "cool" - blue, green, gray, and purple

6. Granny Gone Wild  - A swap all about granny squares!  Each participant decides how many blocks they want to make and send in.  The swap mama exchanges those blocks with others and returns the same amount of blocks back, but were made by different participants.  I can't wait to see the selection I receive back!

Til' Tomorrow!
~ Kristy